Mortgage Loan Application Process

The mortgage finance loan application process is covered in 6 steps:

Enquiry and Fact Find

We will often do this over the phone, via email (to save you time) or at a meeting in our Wellington office.
You tell us your home or property investment loan requirement.
We ask you for some financial details - income, equity, rental income etc.
We determine whether your home or property investment loan request is "bankable".

Evidence your Financial Position

If your enquiry is “bankable” and you wish to proceed, we give you a personalised Financial Information Checklist that notes all the financial information you will need to evidence and give to a potential mortgage lender so they can consider your home or property investment loan application.

Home or Property Investment Loan Requirements and Mortgage Lender Recommendations

We discuss the specific requirements for your home or property investment loan.
We recommend to you the three mortgage lenders that best meet your requirements.
You complete the mortgage application and give us evidence of the financial information requested.

Mortgage Application and Loan Offer

We prepare your home or property investment loan application and submit it to your preferred mortgage lender.
We receive your conditional loan offer and email it to you.
We negotiate any changes you may want and/or satisfy any outstanding conditions (i.e. valuation etc).
We receive an “unconditional” loan offer from the mortgage lender and you sign it in acceptance.

Mortgage Documentation and Property Settlement

We email your lawyer the loan offer and a covering letter explaining the purpose of your loan.
The lender prepares your mortgage documents and forwards them to your lawyer.
We call your lawyer a week before property settlement to confirm your mortgage documents have been received and that all the relevant information is correct.
If anything is problematic, we follow up with the mortgage lender immediately.
You meet with a bank representative to open a bank account (if required).
You meet with your lawyer to sign the mortgage documents.
Your loan settles.

We call you on or after property settlement day to confirm every thing went smoothly.

Annual Mortgage Review Meeting

We will meet with you annually (or more often if required) to review your mortgage including fixed rates expiring, repayments and other terms.

Click here to learn more about our Mortgage Loan Considerations, our Mortgage Finance Service or to book a Mortgage Finance Meeting.
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