Step Two


At this meeting we help you develop a personal property specification for your first home – by looking at:

First_Home_Property_Service_Wellington_New_Zealand.jpgProperty Location

While the location of your first home will be personal preference, some areas will have better than average capital gain and higher rental appeal. The location also needs to be balanced with affordability.

We discuss the areas that are predicted to grow and have better rental appeal while also being realistic about affordability. The drivers for capital growth are population growth, demographics, lifestyle trends combined with land scarcity. Knowing which areas where property is predicted to grow and have better rental appeal will help you make a better decision about where to buy a home. These areas are mainly in central/fringe Wellington.

Property Type

There is a wide range of property available. We discuss the different types and their effects on affordability. The types of property include:

• stand-alone house
• terraced townhouse
• purpose-built apartments
• converted apartment
• Home & Income.

Number of Flatmates

The number of flatmates can make a significant difference to your weekly mortgage payments and overall affordability.

The duration of this meeting is 45 minutes to 1 hour and there is no cost.

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