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While there are many mortgage services available today - banks, non-banks, mortgage brokers, mobile mortgage managers – most provide a standard home loan service and have little insight when it comes to arranging mortgage finance that needs to be a bit different.

Finding innovative solutions to non-standard mortgage finance situations is our specialty. We cover everything from large and complex mortgage packages for property investors, to low equity mortgages for first home buyers. A more comprehensive list of our mortgage finance services is detailed below.


Based in Wellington, our services include:

Property Purchase - your home, holiday home or investment property.
Refinance - to another mortgage lender for better loan terms, interest rates, more money etc.
Restructure - your investment or home loan with the current lender to get better mortgage interest rates, repayment terms etc.
Top Up - against your home for minor renovations, car replacement, credit card/HP consolidation etc. Or, against your investment property for minor renovations or chattel replacement.
Construction - to build a new home or investment property or for a major addition to your current home or investment property.
Pre-Approval - arranging mortgage finance before you purchase your home or investment property.
Overseas Borrowers – mortgage finance up to 70% for New Zealanders working overseas and non-NZ residents living overseas.
Bridging - to enable you to buy a new home or investment property now and sell your existing property later.
Non-Standard - for borrowers who don’t qualify through mainstream mortgage lenders i.e. self employed who have difficulty proving their income/s.
Strategies to Increase Borrowing Potential – Lack of income and equity are the main areas that prevent investors from qualifying for further borrowing. We can suggest various strategies to help you improve weaknesses you may have in these areas, for example, by adding value to a property or investing in a high growth area.
Professional Referrals – over the years we have built up a pool of qualified professionals (lawyers, valuers, building surveyors, etc) who we are happy to recommend to assist with any mortgage finance requirements.

Click here to learn more about our Mortgage Loan Considerations, our Mortgage Loan Application Process or to book a Mortgage Finance Meeting.
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