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"At Vantage NZ Ltd, our Services are tailored to suit your needs as you journey through life."

One of the first steps on that journey will more than likely be thinking about whether to buy your first home or not.

The fact is most New Zealanders dream of owning their own home.
Home ownership has provided generations with not just a roof over their head, but independence, freedom to live the way they want to, a form of compulsory saving, a sense of belonging, together with what it means to be a New Zealander.
If you've been dreaming of buying your first home, and would like to know more about why you should, see how our First Home Service can help you.
Another crucial step on your journey is retirement.

Most of us think it's a long way off, but like many things, the sooner you start planning the rosier your retirement will be.
Take a minute to think about how you would like your retirement to look?
A slower pace of life perhaps ... enjoying an overseas holiday ... building that dream house ... you should have the freedom to choose.
Don't they say the retirement years are the best years of your life?
They should be ... start planning for your retirement today.  
Looking for innovative mortgage financing solutions as part of your journey through life?

At Vantage NZ Ltd, that's our specialty.
Whether it's mortgage finance for your home, holiday home or investment property, a construction loan, refinancing or restructuring or you would simply like to discuss strategies to increase your borrowing potential ... our Mortgage Finance options may suit you.
Want to Protect your wealth, your lifestyle and those you love?
You have probably worked hard to build your wealth and create the lifestyle you want.
At Vantage NZ Ltd we can help you protect what you've built and create a personally-tailored Risk Protection Plan.  Contact us for an obligation-free review
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