Step One

At this meeting we look at two key issues that you will need to consider prior to the property purchase of your first home. This is covered in two parts:

THE FOUNDATION - getting set up for making your first home property purchase affordable
MORTGAGE FINANCE - confirming your ability to borrow to the required level.

The duration of this meeting is 1 to 1.5 hours and there is no cost.


Getting established correctly prior to buying your first home is crucial and will help make your first home property purchase more affordable.

The Foundation looks at a number of components:

Property Ownership Structures

The property ownership structure used to buy your first home can have a large impact on your weekly affordability. We will look at a range of options to determine which is best suited to you.

Building a Professional Team

Successful property purchases require the advice and services of a number of professionals including lawyers, valuers, building surveyors, tradesmen, insurance brokers, etc. If required, we have a pool of qualified professionals we can refer you to - saving you the hassle and cost of finding them yourself.

Tax Benefits

Depending on how you structure the ownership of your first home, tax benefits may be available. Taking full advantage of the tax benefits that are available will greatly improve your weekly affordability.


Mortgage finance is a crucial component of any property purchase.  We ensure that you have the ability to borrow up to the level required and that you have access to a deposit.

At this meeting we will consider a number of issues including:

• Mortgage interest rates
• Lender's criteria
• Mortgage products
• Maximising your borrowing potential
• Risk management [including insurance]
• Lender's fees and contributions.

At the conclusion of this meeting we recommend the most appropriate mortgage loan type and lender options for you. We also then apply for pre-approved mortgage finance.

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